Monday, April 6, 2015

Still sewing - now it's PJ bottoms

I had a favorite pair of pajamas that I got from Eddie Bauer - they fit great, the fabric was so soft, and I wore them as lounging pants around the house. Then, inevitably, they wore out. So I decided to test my slowly developing sewing skills and make a new pair.

I deconstructed just one of the legs of the PJs so that I could use the other leg as an example in case I had construction questions. This turned out to be a really good idea and one that I'll use again in the future.

I had some wonderfully soft flannel that I bought last spring for a different project but never used. Awesome! Except when I laid out my pants I realized that I didn't have enough fabric. The piece was only 42 inches wide and I couldn't keep the same grain direction for all four pieces (two fronts, two backs). I knew I didn't want to mix the grain direction as that would likely result in a bad drape, so I went back to the store for some more flannel. Of course they didn't have my pattern any more (it had been a year after all). So I bought some totally different flannel and figured I'd make something fun.

My two flannels and laying out the first pattern piece
My new furniture arrangement is really working for me. The large table top is great and I like the configuration so we'll be making this permanent. The two tops are not level to each other at the moment so one needs to be raised slightly and they need to be connected so they can't shift. I've asked Chris to inlay a yard stick so that I have some building in measuring tools. I think it'll look cool too.

Chris and Cooper both love the bed in there. A lot of napping goes on while I sew.
A typical view when I'm working in there
Back to the PJs - they were super simple to make. Cut two fronts, two backs, sew the inner seam, sew the outer seam, and then do a bit of magic to sew the crotch seam. One leg is inside out (right sides together) and you turn the other leg right side out (wrong sides together). Fit the RS out leg into the WS out leg and pin the crotch seam. Then sew in one continuous seam. Pull them apart and voila! you have pants. I'm sure seamstresses already knew this trick, but I actually figured it out on my own, without looking at any instructions. A big deal for me as it suggests I'm starting to get the hang of all this.
I purposely mixes the front and back fabrics
After hemming the legs and adding elastic to the waistband I now have super comfy lounging pants and they look silly and fun with the alternating front/back fabrics.
LOVE them
I want to make some in cotton for summer next. Oh - and I have enough fabric leftover to do a top. Just gotta figure out what style.


  1. I have been making pants, shorts, and pants for fifty years. I sew the center front and center back. Then, I sew the side seams. It is easier. Plus, matching stripes or plaids or check turns out better. Those are cute pants. I take apart garments all the time to make new ones. Finding and deconstructing any garment that fits is so much easier and cheaper than buying patterns.

    1. I think I see what you mean...I'll try that next time. I've got so much to learn! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Well, call me impressed! They really turned out cute :)