Monday, July 15, 2013

Yet more road work

We've been steadily working to correct our road / driveway issues. We'd made great progress on the road and thought we were doing good on the driveway too. Then it rained. And rained. And rained some more. 

The small culvert got blocked. And the water got backed up. And the driveway was in serious danger of just washing out and down the hill where all that fill would be really wasted. 

There is not supposed to be a pond here...
Chris heroically went in to attempt finding the culvert opening. 

Nope, didn't find it
So we used the tractor to dig the whole thing out (it was totally plugged by the way and we also mushed it when we finally got hold of it).
Creating a ditch in the driveway
And the water just rushed right out.
Not supposed to be a stream here either
Took quite a while for the water level to recede enough to continue work.

See the high water mark on the tree?
 Then we brought in new pipe.

Pipe delivery!
We laid a sand bed, joined the two pipes, and filled in with rock and fines. 

Partially filled; decorative rock in bucket
We used some of our large collection of decorative rock (please, no snickering) to hide the inlet and outlet pipe ends. So far so good!
Cleverly disguised
The final touches are to fill in a few low spots with smallish rocks and then bring in several more loads of fines to put a top coat on the driveway.


  1. You have my sympathies. The rains we've had this year have been unbelievable, and a section of our driveway washed out this spring. I think our solution is going to be to dig a ditch along the one side so that we can funnel the water away. We do need to resurface the whole driveway too, but I think we might call in professional help for that. Good for you for doing it yourself.

  2. Thanks! We put in ditches next to the main road (combo of DIY and hiring them done) and they've helped a lot with run off. Still a ways to go and I have dreams off adding #2 stone to the road so we can stop watching the rain wash off the top coat. Funny how my dreams have changed since we started doing this...