Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cats and dogs

This is our cat. Our very angry cat.

Not a happy kitty
And this is why she is unhappy. We're dog sitting!

Isn't he adorable???
Contrary to the photo evidence below, the dog has not really been bugging the cat. The cat has actually been spending an inordinate amount of time making sure she gets within his sight line and then high-tailing it straight up a tree. Sometimes he notices and chases after her; sometimes he just moseys around the rocks. 

Not sure he knows she is up there.
Our dog passed away two years ago and we've been considering adopting a pup. My friend was going out of town and we offered to take care of his dog - sort of a trial run to see if we were ready to bring home one of our own.

 He is a sweetie and well behaved.

Any birds in there?
He happily accompanied me on a long walk every morning. And a short walk every night. He's also a world champion snuggler.
Lots of walkies
But at the end of the visit we realized that we're not quite ready yet. So we'll wait another year and see what next summer brings.

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