Sunday, June 30, 2013

Porch and Garage

I designed the house with a massive covered porch. Actually a combination carport and porch. It runs the entire length of the southern side of the structure so it's 64 feet long and 12 feet deep. Totally awesome. Or, it will be. At the moment it's an absolute mess because it's full of stuff we just dumped there for storage until we could get stuff organized. 

I didn't take pictures of the entire porch, but suffice it to say, the whole thing looked much like this. Wood, boxes, parts and equipment all jumbled together in a big mess.

Carport full of "stuff"
And the garage looks like this:

Just jammed in there

Dumped every which way

Impossible to find or use anything
Oh! The shame! Actually, this is what happens when you have to store your stuff before you're actually done with the storage area. But it's now time to drywall the garage and that means all this stuff has to come out. And when it's put back, it'll be organized so that Chris has a functioning workshop. So that we can do more building projects! Yeah!

So far, this is the progress we've made. And it feels great. The porch has been cleaned off and set up for work space / storage space. The garage is partly emptied and the stuff is now organized on the porch (as opposed to just thrown into the space).

Floor space!
Middle of porch is functional
Sitting area is actually usable
We can actually sit out on the porch without threading our way through boxes and debris! Hooray! We'll keep working on clearing out the garage so we can put up the drywall. That's a major step, a gateway project if you will, that enables us to start finish work on the exterior (space to set up saws, tools, protected space for staining and cutting) as well as make progress on inside stuff (doorways, trim, closets!). And we'll be sure to take time to sit and enjoy the non-working end of the porch as well.

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