Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Drywalling the garage

We got the garage all cleaned out (the porch is, unfortunately, once again destroyed *sigh*) and set up to install the drywall.

We uncovered the garage door openings so we'd have light and to allow greater air flow. Did you realize that curing concrete floors give off a tremendous amount of moisture? Despite a moisture barrier underneath them? Well, they do. And 88% humidity sure doesn't help matters. 

Left bay holds hobby truck; right is the big bay
Once the doors were open we backed in the truck full of drywall.
Should be all we need. Well, may need more coffee.
Then we used my brother's handy-dandy drywall lift to start putting up the ceiling. Holy cow! Love the drywall lift!
Just crank that baby right up there
We picked a corner and got to work. We'd purchased a couple of rolling scaffolds when we did the framing so we had a great platform from which to work. We also have a drywall screw gun which is awesome.
Scaffold, lift, scaffold. Whew!
 It went fairly quickly and the large bay is now completely covered.

Moving right along there
We have lots of outlets and light boxes as this will be a working garage, not just a place to store cars. Which means we had to cut out around all those little blue boxes. Another handy tool was the Rotozip with a drywall bit. Really made quick work of it all. We did make sure we measured and marked first - the professionals seem to be able to "pop" the sheet and then cut cleanly around the box, but we found it best to mark it out.

Using the "pop" method. Once.
Chris is now taping and mudding. We'll do the smaller bay once this one is completed. Didn't want to move the hobby truck too many times and this seemed the most efficient way to go about the whole thing.

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