Monday, July 29, 2013


We've been mudding and sanding the garage. Those are not interesting pictures. So here are some other  things we've been doing too.

Limes were on sale so I bought a bag of them. Some went into beer (ahem), some went into limeade, and some became lime pie. I used my brother's filling recipe (4 egg yolks, 14oz can sweetened condensed milk, and 1/2 cup lime juice with lots of zest) and the graham cracker crust recipe from BHG. A truly awesome pie.

This pie was unbelievably good. Really.
We went to the county fair and enjoyed all the nifty stuff. I saw knitting projects that made me really want to take lessons. I saw a small loom that gave me hope I may be able to stop buying shawls and start making them instead. And we saw some critters.

This wagon team was amazing. Well trained and beautiful. A draft horse exhibition followed with log twitching, carriage obstacle coarse, and bareback Simon Says. Very fun.
Eight horse hitch
And my tomatoes are slowly coming in. This is my take on an artistic photo. If you can't eat your food yet, photograph it!
Hope you're ready for your close-up
We also had a visitor. I was sanding the garage wall and turned to see this little guy had crawled in through the bay door. He was about the size of my hand. I put him in a bucket and moved him out to the drainage ditch - I didn't want him getting run over.

Snapping turtles look prehistoric
And now I'll return to sanding. And mudding. Gotta be done eventually.

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