Monday, September 10, 2012


We had visitors last weekend. Mom and Dad came by to check out the build, enjoy lunch by the fire, and generally goof off. Sis, D, and PBN came too and we had a great visit.

We checked out the slab and septic tank (do I know how to entertain or what?). 

Mom's so silly!
Relaxed by the fire pit in front of the enormous blue tarp. Geez, couldn't we have at least used a brown tarp so it'd blend a bit. That has just moved to the top of the non-essential but gotta get to it list.

Need to rake...
 Took a walk up by my brother's newly sided camp. It's so freaking cute now! Who knew that siding would make that much of a difference.
M's cute camp
 So awesome to enjoy the day with family.

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