Thursday, September 6, 2012

Of pipes and porches

Chris is back up at the property and called with an update. We have a porch slab! This is quite exciting as it was the last thing to get done before they start the framing. I have been dreaming of this porch - 12 feet deep by 40 feet long - for years. Plenty big enough to provide cover for quiet evenings listening to the stream or shade for raucous get togethers on a Saturday afternoon. Picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, and cozy porch swings are going figure prominently.

There has also been progress on the septic piping. Lots of digging of trenches, connecting of pipes, and verifying drop is going on up there. Our new neighbor is a retired plumber and he's been kind enough to check behind us. So far we are on track and half a bubble off of plumb (which in this instance is a good thing!).

Oh! And National Grid sent us the easement forms today. So we'll get those right out in the mail tomorrow and hope for quick responses. Who knows, maybe we'll actually have power by Thanksgiving after all.

Pictures when I get them!

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