Saturday, September 8, 2012

Porch pictures

What, you thought you'd see photos of perfectly staged verandas with couches and tables and elegant drinks? Only in my dreams at this point! Instead we have more construction photos - yeah!

Look how deep that porch is!
 The porch is 12 feet deep and 40 feet wide. I am so looking forward to decorating this thing.

Sacrifice 6 x 6
 Sacrifice posts were installed during the pour and will be taken out when they remove the blocking. This creates the gap needed for the real 6 x 6's that will be used to support the porch ceiling.

Showing the texture
Love the broom finish. It'll catch dirt a bit, but the benefit of being less slippery can't be ignored. This is the main entrance porch and I don't want to risk people falling if the porch gets wet or snowy.

Adding the stress lines
The last 24 feet of porch (for a total of 64 feet) is carport. You can see the dividing line between garage slab and house, well, the carport ends there too. We had it all done as concrete so that the space can be flexible for use.

One more step closer to a house. Aahhh.

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