Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Septic - stage 2

A quick update to say we passed the septic inspection! Chris brought in the excavating crew to finish the leach trenches when he encountered yet more rock. They pulled out three huge boulders and many smaller rocks that we'll have to deal with eventually. For now they've joined the encircling ring of rocks that are starting to make me feel like we're building a defensive perimeter. Hmmm, maybe we could put in a moat too.

Anyhoo, back to the septic. Got all the lines dug and piped last week, finished digging the leach trenches today, and had the inspection tonight. Passed with flying colors (not poo) and are on to the next stage of the build.

Can I hear a woo-hoo? Woo-hoo!

In non-build related news, it was 44 degrees up there this morning and is supposed to sink to 38 tonight. Getting cold quick.

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