Sunday, September 2, 2012


Okay - so has anyone else priced lighting? Holy crap! It's expensive and surprisingly hard to find styles we like. So I decided to create my own based on the mason jar lights that are popular. I wanted larger lights so I decided to use glass storage jars. I bought two large jars for the kitchen and one small one to use as a pendant over the sink. I'm cutting a bumble bee stencil onto the jar and using the cutout pieces to create a reverse stencil on the smaller jar.

I'm still in the cut out phase of the project, but I'm liking how these are coming out. I'll strategically cover more of the jar with tape and use a frosting spray paint to create a diffused light. So far so good! 

The living room light (in front) and a hall light (back)
We like to go to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and look for bargains. I found these two lights for $11 and plan to use the large light in the living room and the small one in the hall. These pictures are pre-clean up.
Love the pattern
I want to do something to make the tin pattern really pop. Maybe paint them a light shade and then wash with black to pick up the detail? Not sure yet.
The finial needs some help...

Whatever I end up doing, I want to use colors from this painting. I got this on my last trip to Italy from the artist right there on the Spanish Steps. Love the mood the colors convey and can easily see using the earth tones for walls and cabinetry and then the pinks and greens as accents.

Of course, we have to get walls first...

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