Saturday, May 9, 2020

This is becoming ridiculous

May 7th
May 9th
What’s with this weather? Last year I’d already planted a bunch of stuff in the garden. This year we’re getting snow?!? And it’s supposed to be freezing temperatures all week. Ick.
“Only” a couple inches
When freezing temperatures hit late April I put the chicken water heater back in the coop as their outside water was freezing each night. Good thing I hadn’t gotten around to removing it yet.

Also, I still have chicks in my house. That’s right! They are nearly 5 weeks old and I really, really want them out in the coop but it’s just still too cold. Articles warn that they can’t take cold temperatures until they are fully feathered, including the neck feathers. Most look good but the barred rock is still fluffy in places so they’re still enjoying a heat lamp over the pen. I can do that much more safely in the house than I can in the coop. Plus the house is simply warmer.

So, to sum up: snow on the ground, a week of freezing temperatures ahead, chicks in the house, and a water heater in the coop.

I’m going back to bed.

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