Saturday, May 2, 2020

Gorgeous and productive days

The weather has been fantastic the last couple days so we’ve gotten lots done. Which is great as we realized today that black fly season has officially begun. Argh. Anything done outside just got harder.

We’ve made inroads on the big dirt pile. Chris has been covering it with a tarp at night to keep the rain off. It’s making it much easier to spread than in previous years.
Noodles enjoying the cool dirt
The expansion of the chicken pasture is going well. This new area is huge and encloses the greenhouse, garden, and a chunk of shady woodland. It’ll give the chickens another protected area, keep deer and porcupines out of the garden, and will let me rotate pastures so grass can grow.
Those aren’t trees, they’re tall fence posts
I’ve been trenching between the posts so we can bury the fencing. Not only does this deter digging predators it keeps the darn chickens in. The can flatten themselves much more than you’d expect!
The front fence line
Some happy garden news: peas are up, radishes are up but spotty, and my rhubarb is coming in beautifully. Plus I saw some garlic sprouts today.
Walter’s rhubarb 
After a day digging trenches by hand I decided a treat was called for. Vanilla ice cream made with my homemade vanilla extract.
Creamy goodness 
Had zucchini and tomato galette for dinner which was awesome as lunch was peanut butter on Ritz crackers (don’t judge). Tried to do a levain for some sourdough sandwich bread but it failed to rise. My starter is quite active but I think I needed to use ripe starter in the levain...the recipe didn’t specify and I thought since the levain was to be left to rise for 8 hours I’d be okay using discard. Apparently not. Will try again using fed starter.

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