Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sunday May 3, 2020 Statistics

From The Times Union website:

Total COVID-19 cases:
• 316,415 in New York state, including 24,535 deaths. 959,071 total tested.
• 1,149,197 in U.S., including 67,200 deaths. 175,382 recovered. 6,816,347 total tested.
• 3,485,948 worldwide, including 246,125 deaths. 1,113,777 recovered.
New York remains on PAUSE until the 15th. There does appear to be light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel though as hospitalizations are down again. Some states are opening up already...we’ll see how that goes for them.

Today was gorgeous again. Sunny, breezy, and in the high 60s. The greenhouse got up to 110! The lower quadrant stayed about 80 so air circulated well. And my tomatoes and peppers poked their heads out of the soil today. The outside garden is really popping too-peas, radishes, and all the garlic I planted last fall are all showing sprouts.
I painted panels for the bridge railing while Chris worked on all the wood parts. It’s going to look really nice and I’ll be so happy to have that area screened in. A bug-free zone will be wonderful.
We also stapled the fencing up on the posts. I’m still working to bury the bottom for predator control, but should get that done tomorrow.
For dinner tonight I grilled a fillet and made charred tomato ricotta sourdough toast. Everything was yummy though I felt the ricotta was a bit much. The bread and tomatoes were so flavorful that the cheese really wasn’t needed. Good to know for next time.

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