Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday May 11, 2020 Statistics

From The Times Union website:

Total COVID-19 cases:
• 335,395 in New York state, including 26,612 deaths. 57,180 recovered. 1,153,768 total tested.
• 1,321,223 in U.S., including 79,058 deaths. 212,534 recovered. 8,709,630 total tested.
• 4,079,388 worldwide, including 281,313 deaths. 1,394,920 recovered.
What a week it was. Sun! Snow! Ice! We got lots done and nothing done. Work on the bridge was going great then halted completely when freezing temperatures kept us from being able to stain or glue up boards. All work on the garden fence stopped because the wind was whipping so hard. And you can’t really work garden soil when it’s hard as a rock.
So we did what any sane person would...we gorged on books. A lot of reading got done this weekend!
The brisket I cooked last week lent itself beautifully to leftovers: wraps of brisket and carrot salad, quesadillas, baked potato with brisket and beef gravy. I’m roasting a turkey today for more of that leftover goodness.

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