Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The First Egg!

Red laid the first egg!
It's so itty!
It's a tiny thing but good shell formation and shape. The girls turned 20 weeks last Sunday so we were expecting them to start producing soon. We've been carefully checking for squatting behavior and keeping an eye on the color of their combs. In fact, that's why Red is called "Red" - her comb turned red much earlier than any of the other hens. 

It was a bit of an ordeal to get her to use the nest box rather than a dirt spot underneath an old pallet, but we were triumphant in the end. And so - the laying begins!

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  1. Those little first eggs are so adorable. I remember when we had a flock of new hens starting their laying. My kids got to eat 2 eggs each, they were so small, and they thought they were mighty, eating two whole eggs! Nice to know that's the start to a lot of goodness to come.