Friday, August 10, 2018

The water spigot

I've been told I didn't do justice to the difficulties in creating the water spigot. I, of course, commented that it'd be easier to crow about if there were photos of the process...

But here goes - because it is really cool what Chris did to make this look like it'd always been up there.
The spigot
He took an old barn beam and split it in two vertically. Then he carved a channel in both sides so that he could embed the Pex tubing.

The Pex needed to come out the bottom and run horizontally through the ground but he didn't want to add an elbow (they slow water flow and we have pressure issues this far up the hill as it is) so he carefully created a channel that would curve the Pex appropriately without putting undue pressure on it.

Then he joined the halves back together with a tight seam. Once it ages a bit it'll be pretty much invisible.

So that is the full story of crafting the water spigot. Thanks Honey!

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