Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Generator shed

We installed a standby generator when we built the house and, as recommended, built a shelter for it. But since we were expending all our energy on silly things like indoor plumbing and cooking facilities, the cover was sort of quick & dirty. In other words, it was really ugly.

Well, Chris found the time this summer to build a much nicer shelter and it looks great.

Dry fit on the porch
Figuring angles 
Assembling in place 
Zoom in for a look at that truss join!
Plenty of room for snow shed
Stained and roofed
I think he did an awesome job. The only downside to the black color is that it obscures the joinery but it matches the trim so we went with it. The whole thing just looks so much better back there. And now when snow comes sheeting off the house roof, it won't pile up so close to the vents. Less shoveling! Hooray!

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