Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Festival

Our little town does a Maple in April festival each year. There are pancake breakfasts (with real maple syrup, of course), vendors, hay rides, a car show, and thanks to Chris & Cooper, dog agility trials. Given that the festival takes place over two days in late April, you're never quite sure what the weather will bring, but this year Mother Nature was kind to us.

We volunteered for the car show and helped direct the cars into the big park. 

What a beauty!
It took a couple hours for everyone to arrive and the sun was just wonderful even if the actual temperature was only about 40 degrees. By 11AM the entire park was full of nifty classic cars.
A daily driver
The weather for the dog trials on Sunday wasn't quite as nice but at least it didn't rain. We helped set up the fence and the obstacles, then it was time to run!
Doing tricks before the trial
Copper, agility and certified companion dog
Just watching today, thanks.
Focused on the course
The trials went well and everyone had a great time. The dogs love being out with the people and getting a chance to run around and over and through stuff. Cooper does this kind of stuff all the time in our woods (logs, branches, culverts - they all count as agility obstacles to her), but there is a different focus when she's performing in the ring. It's more mental and it shows. 
Paying close attention
So another successful festival and we're looking forward to next year. Maybe Chris will have time to work on his '54 Chevy this year and be able to put it in the car show...


  1. Those cars sure were beauties! It looks like all the pups had a great time :)

  2. Clarence would have fit right in!