Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More of the garden

More from the garden and flower beds - these photos are from 5/16 or so.

We have pretty wildflowers all over
The only chicken I have right now
Grass is coming up!
Lupin coming up
Mini irises - only 8 inches tall
Hostas, foxglove, and something unidentifiable until it flowers

Red Jonathan apple
Sad Macintosh apple
Sad Red Jonathan 
East end of garden - tomatoes, marigolds, herbs, chicken
Green and jalapeño pepper plants; delicata squash far left
Lettuce right and center, arugula left
Kale; peas at west end
Garlic, struggling
So that's everything from about mid-May. Lots more is showing and growing now. And we even got a bit of rain today!

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