Monday, May 25, 2015

Garden Journal May 2015

This post will be extremely boring for anyone not intimately involved in my garden. Basically, that means everyone but me. You've been warned.

Garden notes:
  • I set up the new garden bed in the southeast corner of the yard. 4 feet wide by about 24 feet long. This is a test bed - does it get enough sun? Is it in an inconvenient spot? Next year I'll make it permanent if it does well.
  • It's been very warm and dry this May (almost no rain)
  • Started herbs indoors mid-April
    • Rosemary
    • Basil (compact and sweet)
    • Cilantro
  • Began hardening herbs on 5/1
  • Planted on 5/11:
    • Direct sow
      • Peas (Burpeeana Early), should emerge 5/18 to 5/25
    • Seedlings
      • Herbs started inside
        • Rosemary is giving me fits. Doesn't want to grow. About half a dozen sprouts that don't seem to be getting any bigger.
        • Cilantro isn't anything to write home about either. Good germination but seems to have stagnated. No real growth.
  • Planted on 5/15
    • Direct sow
      • Kale, emerges 5/25 to 6/5 
      • Arugula, emerges 5/21 to 5/29
      • Spring Crisp Mix Lettuce
      • Green Oakleaf Lettuce
      • Freckles Lettuce
      • Marigolds
  • Planted on 5/23
    • Seedlings
      • Beefsteak tomatoes
      • Ace Green peppers
      • Craig Giant jalapeno
      • Delicata squash
  • Planted on 5/24
    • Seedlings
      • Delta Pansy
        • Yellow, purple, mix
      • Super Elfin Impatiens, mixed colors
  • Observations
    • The kale, freckles lettuce, marigolds, and arugula are sprouting
    • The peas sprouted on the last day of the estimated emerge time.
    • The spring mix and green oak leaf lettuces are finally sprouting too.
    • The planted seedlings look healthy.
    • The garlic came up early and looked good to start but is now getting yellow on the leaves. I suspect a nitrogen issue and will be adding fertilizer. 


  1. I'm amazed that you can plant things so early. I always wait until after Mother's Day in case of a freeze.

  2. Hi Rue! I probably should have mentioned that the planted seedlings went into a cold frame. Our last frost date is typically Memorial Day but I can push that with the frames. It helped that this year was atypically warm in May. I still had to cover everything a couple times when we got frost warnings though.