Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I'm jumping around in time lately. Posts are a bit out of sequence as I catch up on what we did all summer. Still, the pictures are pretty.

I already said we put up 162 feet of wood. That's a lot of wood!

We borrowed our friend's splitter so that we didn't have to rent one. It's an awesome splitter! Homemade from an I-beam, a bit of tank (yes, I said tank), an old truck seat, a car frame and axle, dump truck hydraulics, and the motor from a commercial power washer. It ran great and let us work at a slower pace since we didn't have to adhere to a rental schedule.

The last pile to split. And the homemade splitter.
That darn pile was over a ditch. We kept thinking we were almost done and there would just be more wood.
Bug hats were a must this year. All year.
We put down pallets to help with air flow and did our best to stack carefully. All of this pile is now gone. Whew!
Neat ends
While we were at it, we decided to build a kindling crib. Chris used some of the slab wood and put this by the back door to the house.
The gaps may be a bit wide. We'll see.
It has angled slats for the front so I can fill it all the way to the top. Unlike the photo, it also has a complete roof. Apparently I took an in-progress shot but no completed one.
Nearly done.
I've been working on splitting the slab wood left over from our milling - I'm up to the second level already!

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