Friday, October 24, 2014

Board and batten finally done

When last we left the exterior of the house (last fall) it had boards but no battens. At least no battens on the first floor anyway. We made good use of the manlift while we had it and got the second floor gable ends done in October. It was now time to get the darn first floor done. 

We chose to put black trim around the doors and windows and to paint the doors the same color as the window trim and garage doors. It looks quite coordinated now.

Cutting around light and door trim

Garage done, heading to the main house 
 Chris is still working in the garage as we haven't yet built his workshop.
Working in the garage

So safe
We had to cut the battens from around the second floor windows as we wanted to install matching trim.
Love the ladder outriggers. Great stability.
First floor finished! Now it was time to put the trim, boards, and battens on the sides of the second floor.
Installing top and bottom trim boards
This went pretty quick as we simplified the design quite bit. Trim board on top of windows, trim board under windows, and evenly cut boards/battens to sandwich in between.

Ta da!
That finished the exterior skin on the building. Woot!