Monday, October 27, 2014

Cleaning off the porch - again

It feels like we've cleaned off the porch many, many times over the last year or so. And that's because we have. It's a wonderful space - long, deep, and covered - which means it accumulates stuff. These pictures were from before we worked on the board & batten. Before we could get boards on the walls, we had to get crap off the porch.

Full of stuff. Again.
 Some of it was needed for the siding work, including an entire stack of stained boards and battens.
Stuff on top of the required work materials.
My Dad likes to call it FSS - flat surface syndrome. If you've got a flat spot, crap will end up on top of it.

We decided to empty out the Nest (which is supposed to be a cute camp type spot) and make it a temporary storage unit. Temporary! Most of what is in here will properly go in Chris's workshop when it's done; the rest will go back into the garage.
Empty shelves waiting for stuff
Cleaning out the porch and garage made us realize that we have usable wall space.
A blank slate
So we built a high (around the 10 foot mark) storage shelf for those rarely used items like camping gear, moving blankets, painting cloths, and coolers.
Soon to be filled!
By the time we got done, the working materials were at the far end (in the car port) and the porch furniture was actually usable.
I'll be posting a true "after" picture soon - we got the porch ceiling done!

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