Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bathroom sink progress

You may recall that way back in May 2013 the downstairs bathroom sink looked like this:

Black pipe for supports, missing shelf supports, and temporary pine boards as side tables.

Well, now it looks like this (this is a surprisingly difficult thing to photograph):

Walnut sideboards and pipe shelf supports
We added the pipe shelf supports to get the sideboards up higher against the sink. And the sideboards themselves are from some walnut boards that Chris bought at the local wood auction (yes, we have wood auctions up here - who knew?). 

Walnut sideboard
The walnut shows beautifully against the white porcelain sink and fits in with the overall masculine look of the bathroom. We haven't actually installed the boards as we still need to spray paint the pipes but it'll all be solidly tied into place very soon.

Overall the look is slightly industrial, very organic, and I'm really loving it.

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