Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Furry guest

My sister and her new puppy came to visit for the first time. Sam (the puppy) is a Great Dane mix and is roughly 4 months old. She's a rescue dog so forgive her boniness - she's slowly putting on weight. We've waited nearly a month before bringing her to meet Cooper to give her time to gain some strength. 

Looks like the time was right. The following photos are ample evidence that dogs love to play. 

Blurry action photo #1

Blurry action photo #2 (slightly slower though) 
Cooper is the blur on the right

Starting to slow down more.

Ta Da! Two dogs! 

Well into the visit. Still playing.
They played in the house. They played in the snow. They enjoyed several walks in the woods.

Cooper is now comatose on the couch. I imagine Sam, too, is snoring at home. None of us can wait for the next visit.

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