Saturday, April 26, 2014

Walks in the Woods

These pictures are from 3 short weeks ago. The snowmelt had begun and the streams were finally exposed. Only one of our streams is year round, the rest are from seasonal runoff. And even the year round stream dries to a trickle in the dry months of July and August. Amazing when you see what flows through this time of year.

Our main steam
The first culvert

Pond just starting to thaw

My brother's part of the main stream

The "not supposed to be there" stream
We're going to do some additional grading this summer so that we can minimize driveway damage. This is an ongoing task - we fix one section and another needs it the next year. This section of road actually has a small diameter culvert - but it was so cold this winter that it froze solid.

No idea where this stream is...
The streams have since calmed down and the woods are drying out. Some of the trails that we laid out while snowshoeing are swampy messes but we're hoping they'll be dry once all the frost leaves the ground. Turns out it was a good thing we held off on marking the full trails. The trail heads are fine but we may need to alter routes a bit if the water doesn't drain.

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