Sunday, February 16, 2014

Progress on goals

Just a quick note to say that some progress has been made on the 2014 goals!! In addition to the work we've done on the downstairs closet (goal #1), I cut in the paint in the kitchen/dining room/living room (goal #7). We had originally decided to ignore the cutting in since we'd have trim to cover it up. But since we're going to use lumber sawn from trees cut from the property, and since the trees are down but the boards won't be sawn until summer, it's going to be another year until they air dry enough to install. A year of looking at haphazardly painted walls was more than Chris could take so out came the paint and voila! It's begun! I can't say it's done as I still have the pantry and bathroom downstairs to complete (I may force the issue on the bathroom and just buy trim boards), but I got fully half the first floor done today and expect to finish the rest of it quickly. Nice!

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  1. Good for you! I bet it feels great to make progress. And congrat's to Chris and Cooper on the training!!