Friday, February 28, 2014

And it's done!

The hall closet is finished! We needed to install doors and drawers to finish it off and those were finished today. Cooper, of course, provided much needed assistance.

Cooper inspects the drill
That's a drawer on the right. It's huge!
That drill smells weird
Chris had to squeeze between the cross bars to install the drawer glides. Unfortunately he didn't quite fit and got stuck. Cooper was again very helpful.

So comfy
Once Chris escaped, this photo soon followed.

Well that's an odd perspective...
And this is why.

I even managed to turn around in there
Probably seems funny, but getting inside the unit allowed me to easily drill the pilot holes and screw in the glide rails. 

Should I have gotten an enclosed space permit?
Once the rails were in place Chris installed the glides on the drawer and started test fitting.

Look at that organized closet in the background!

Test fit number 1. There were many.
Had a bit of trouble getting the drawer to slide properly but we got there eventually. Then we needed to install the hardware. The fun part is that we decided to use pry bars as handles. We bought a mixed-size 3-piece set and painted them black.

Bolting on the pry bar handles
And here it is finished. The funny thing is that the drawer handles are level. But the curve of the pry bar  fools the eye into seeing a curve. No, really - we used a level and everything.

Love the curve of the handles

Nicely organized interior

Linen drawers and final Cooper inspection
We're now designing the upstairs clothes closet and will post progress pictures of that soon. We've got an 11 foot space to fill and it's going to be wonderful to get the rest of our clothes out of boxes!

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