Thursday, February 27, 2014

Enjoying winter

It's easy to complain about the snow and cold of winter, but we did choose to live in the Northeast so we probably aught to also admit that we like living up here. One way to get through a long winter is to have some fun with it. So we had a sledding party.

Our access road is private so it doesn't see any traffic except our vehicles. That means we can clean just enough snow to leave a good sledding base. And we don't have to worry about traffic on sledding day.

Start of the long hill with some nice curves
The downside to a very long hill is that it takes forever to walk back up it. The upside is that you can keep building speed. You get going surprisingly fast and the curves add some excitement. Trees on curves add even more.

You can't even see the bottom of the hill
We usually had people at the top and bottom of the hill to give you a push, cheer on the long slides, and groan at the wrecks.
Cheering the launch
Cooper had great fun chasing the sleds and running through the snow. But eventually even a high-energy dog gets cold and tired. That's when she needs a warm ride back to the top of the hill.

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