Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cooper at agility training

Chris and Cooper are in their second series of agility classes and getting ready to head to another set in a couple weeks. It's been great fun for both them.

Look how happy she is
The biggest obstacle hasn't been the course - it's been Cooper's desire to play with the other dogs. She thinks they're the best things ever and wishes her Dad would just let her goof off all night.

But once he gets her focused on the course, she does pretty darn good for such a wee thing.
 She had to do two jumps, then go through the tunnel, then back around to the seesaw.

Heading to the tunnel (off screen)

Runs up the seesaw

And slowly advances until her weight tips the end down
She's such fun to watch on the seesaw. She's little enough that it takes a bit of forward progress before her weight tips the balance. She braces for the bounce and then it's off to the next obstacle!

It's also a big difference watching her on the official course versus running around in our woods. Similar things to navigate - limbs to jump, logs to balance on, stumps to stand on, and occasionally a knot of branches that looks surprisingly like a hoop that must be jumped through. In the woods she careens around like a soda bubble, bouncing around and off things; in class she is obviously thinking about what she's doing and how to best get through. Frankly, I like both approaches. She needs as much mental stimulation as she does physical, and agility is providing both.

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