Monday, December 17, 2012


We hired a crew to install the roof tin rather than doing it ourselves. We did the tin on the tractor shed as well as on the Nest, but with it being so darn cold it felt smarter to hire someone else to suffer, I mean, to professionally install the roofing tin.

But first we needed to get some soffits up on the second level roof. So we bought 1x6 trim and some semi-transparent stain, and thanked our lucky stars that it was actually warm enough to get it done.

Warmer than it looks - it was 50* in there
 Chris put a second coat on the boards and then wore his hands out cutting the venting and installing it all. 64 feet times two!
Soffit and trim boards on the second level
The roofers were happy that it was warmer than expected too. They got the drip edge, ice guard, and felt installed day one.
 We had a little trouble with the sheathing on the second level. They'd shorted it just a bit and there wasn't enough sheathing to nail on the drip edge. Chris borrowed Dad's table saw and ripped some boards to make up the difference.
Oops - too short
 And here it is - black tin with the flashing installed and the chimney properly flashed and sealed. We've had rain and sleet since and not a single drip inside. Whew!

Love the contrast between black and board
The exterior is going to be board and batten and we intend to stain it natural. The rest of the trim will be that same semi-transparent black. I really like the contrast and it will support the whole barn look.

We also got a bunch of firewood stacked on the porch. Not sure if we'll continue to do this for future winters or if we'll build a wood shed near the house, but this will work for now.

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