Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not quite there yet

Okay, apparently I'm picasaweb challenged because I haven't fixed this sassafrassin upload issue yet. I'm bringing in the big guns though - I plan to ask my friend Steve to fix the darn thing.

In the meantime, here's what we accomplished this weekend:

1. Sprayed Great Stuff in all the window and door gaps - without spilling any on the floor! Huge success given how sticky that stuff is.
2. Learned how to burn coal in the Fatso stove and therefore have heat past midnight
3. Learned how to manage the new Progress Hybrid wood stove (love that thing)
4. Started our waste and vent plumbing (and realized that we needed help)
5. Watched the roofers install most of the tin
6. Ran to Troy to pick up needed tools and forgot to get the jigsaw. Argh. Took the time to let Hubby soak up some radiator heat and eat a meal that requires more cooking appliances than a grill.
7. Stocked the new refrigerator then read the installation manual and learned you can damage the compressor if you run it in room temps below 55*. Stuck a frozen water jug in it and verified that it's an awesome upright cooler and maintains a safe temp when the room temp is around 35* anyway.
8. Put up some drywall to separate the garage from the house in the hopes of keeping a bit more heat inside an insulated structure.

Frankly, even if I could upload photos, there wasn't anything particularly interesting to take pictures of. We're in the middle phase - waiting for the electrician to finish, waiting for the roofers to finish, figuring out discharge plumbing - rather than the more exciting, hey we just framed a house phase. They all have to get done though.

Some things I learned this weekend:

1. I love working with my husband even when we don't quite agree on the approach to a solution.
2. My cat is insane and is well on her way to driving us crazy too. None of us can wait until we're out of the 11x11 camp and into the big house.
3. "I'm sorry" and "I messed that up" are key phrases and should be uttered by the guilty party immediately after realizing the error. Please note that Hubby and I both uttered these phrases this weekend, depending on who was at fault at what moment. Both felt better after saying it - or hearing it.
4. A self-feeding drywall screw gun is an awesome and amazing tool that has a wee bit of a learning curve.
5. Don't ask for loading help at Home Depot. Damage will ensue (took two different trips for this tidbit to sink in).
6. Electricity is a wonderful and civilizing influence and should never be taken for granted.
7. Flexibility in a building process is incredibly important. Almost as important as being willing to slow down and talk all the way through an issue.

Chris is installing the DHW heater and stacking more firewood this week. Roofing should be done Tuesday. We'll make more progress on the plumbing this coming weekend and hope that we spend more time doing and less time going "huh, that's not gonna work, is it?". Fingers crossed!

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