Friday, August 17, 2012

Of slabs and rocks

We opted not to dig a basement. We were very concerned that we'd run into ledge so decided to do a slab instead. We also decided not to dye the concrete for the slab. I like the color grey and didn't want to go with a brown shade (typically the more successful of the dyes) so we figured we'd just see what came out of the virgin pour.
Cannot get a good photo angle for this
What came out was an almost white color. I mean, blinding on a sunny day white. I don't seem to be able to get a good angle on it though, so this photo actually looks sort of light grey. Now, white floors were not what I had in mind. However, I'm also not thrilled with the thought of staining the slab as I've seen some really bad stain jobs out there. So we're going to live with it for a while. See if we like it. See if we even notice it once I scatter some area rugs around the place. 

In other news, they've started digging the footers for the porch supports. And look what they hit:

Is that a rock???
 A rock! A honking big rock. As in, couldn't dig that sucker out big rock. Makes me feel pretty good about the whole slab-instead-of-basement decision.
No, that is ledge
Cause I think we have finally found that ledge. 

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