Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Around the job site

Not much happening at the build site this week. The porch footers have been dug and inspected, the tubes have been placed and packed in with fill, and they are supposed to pour them soon. Then our awesome excavators, Skip and his son Eric, will come back to scrape the porch area and tamp down the fill in preparation for the porch slab pour.

Since we're waiting on other folks to do lots of work, we decided to figure out where the as-yet-unpurchased sawmill is to be placed and to start clearing the area for it and the drying racks. All of the exterior board and batten siding, interior wood siding, cabinetry, and upstairs wood floors will be cut from wood grown on our land. How cool is that??? But it needs time to dry so we need to buy the mill and get cutting. We picked an area that I wanted to look more park-like (rather than untamed woodlot, which is what it looks like now) and started taking down the smaller trees. Tiny trees and tree tops will be chipped, medium trees will become the supports for the drying racks, and big trees will be left to provide shade and that park-like setting I so want to see from our upper deck.

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