Monday, August 27, 2012

Dream weekend?

Spent the weekend at the Nest and got to check out all that got done last week. The porch footers have been poured, buried, and the floor has been filled and tamped. Supposed to do the floor pour this week!
Enjoying the evening in the dining room
 The slab captures a great deal of solar heat and it's getting cool enough in the evenings that it's nice to lay on the slab and soak up the warmth. We stayed there until it got dark and then watched the stars. Great evening.
Gratuitous goofy pic
 The hole for the septic tank was dug (obviously not by me) and the tank is delivering Wednesday.

Still very white
 The concrete is still very white and I'm discovering that some people pay high dollar to get the lightest color they can. We just got lucky I guess.
Moisture barrier for the porch
Spent a bit of time actually working before the family came over for a bonfire Saturday night: put down the moisture barrier (the white stuff at the edge is the leftover Reflectix that we had. Figured we may as well use it and maybe it will help keep the ice off the porch edge), cut down a small cherry that was too close the to the garage (small? 60 feet tall but only six inches in diameter - we have very tall small trees!), and some clean up around the build site. 

Perfect weather and a few accomplishments - what an awesome way to spend the weekend.

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