Thursday, August 16, 2012

Got a slab too

They came to pour the slab last week and it went in fast. 

A board provides a dam
We found out the reason for the door drop offs in the foundation walls. Since the cement floor is our finished floor as opposed to just a slab, it's to allow the cement to come all the way out to the edge for a finished look. Makes perfect sense once you know, doesn't it?

Smoothing the top
They smoothed the top with a bull float first.

Long reach

Creating a super smooth surface
Then they brought this beauty in to put on a polish. Slow moving fan blades swirl the concrete and raise the cream. Gradually it smooths the concrete and creates a good surface for the finished floor.

Some of the swirls still remain as shading

Expansion joints must be cut into the slab
The chalk lines are coming off with a bit of water and scrubbing. Some of the chalk seems to be embedded in the concrete so we may have some on the finished floor but it seems to be scattered and I don't think it will bug me. We've decided not to put on a color stain and will simply seal the floor when construction is complete.

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