Monday, June 8, 2020

Greenhouse improvements

After working in the greenhouse all spring I realized I needed to make some improvements. Mainly in the layout of stuff. I had bags of soil, planting trays, pots, tables, and just stuff all over the place. I was always tripping and scooching around things. 

I removed the metal bistro table and chairs first. It was fun to sit in there but with summer sun on the way it was too hot. Then I lined up my two work tables along the south wall and neatly organized all the soil and pots underneath them. Tools went into my garden basket or the wooden planting box to keep them corralled.

And here it is now:

So much better
I’ve actually got room to move around. It looks huge now!

Kale, arugula, and lettuce beds
I planted peppers in the East bed to see if they do well over the summer. They generally like the heat so I’m hopeful I’ll get a good crop.
Newly transplanted peppers
I also planted two cherry tomato plants. I’m using leftover goat panel from the bridge railing as a trellis (waste not, want not) and I’ve arched it across the greenhouse.
Base of the tomato trellis 
I’m going to use green stretch tape to secure the vines as they grow. My dream is that the tomatoes will hang down for easy harvest.
Trellis up and over
 And we can now sit and relax outside. It’s great to have a spot where you enjoy all your labor.
Table and chairs outside 

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