Monday, June 15, 2020

Cold again

The last three days have been cold and overcast. Really cold. Like 42 degrees in the morning cold with little climb throughout the day. And for some reason that has just squashed any urge to actually accomplish anything. We did a few things but ultimately just gave in, tucked in, and read books. 

Here’s what we did manage to do though:
NY is slowly and cautiously opening back up. We are in Phase 2 which means non-essential retail stores are now open and outdoor dining is allowed. We’ve done neither. But it’s nice to have the option.

Dad gave me his extra flower starts and I got them transplanted into the kitchen garden. They’re going to fill in the flower quadrant nicely.

Chris has the newel posts, bottom and side supports for the upstairs railing cut, sanded, and ready for staining. Actually he’s already burn-finished the bottom supports and is now waiting on decent weather for the stain. 

The gardens have been weeded and caterpillar spray has stopped the darn things from eating my kohlrabi, cabbage, kale, etc, etc. Onions are coming up, garlic looks great, and I’ve actually got some potato plants poking out of the tower. I also have three volunteer plants growing in my carrot bed. Oops. The peas are flowering and the greenhouse plants are growing well. 

I made baguettes the other day and experimented with using sourdough starter in place of the poolish. Worked great and I got a malty rich flavor. Had trouble with browning and getting a good crust though.

That’s pretty much it. If today is cold again I intend to get off my duff and at least work in the studio. I’ve got a towel warp I want to get on the loom.

Chicks are growing

Flowering peas

Tater Tower

Volunteers and wee carrot fuzz

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