Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Bees, part two

We were very sad that our first hive failed. Discussions with bee folk suggest mites as the culprit but we don’t really know. We’re going to do more frequent mite tests and see if we can keep this hive going.

Bees in a box 
Activity always brings everyone running.
Curious chickens 
Curious dog
Curious cat
Everyone together now!
We didn’t let everyone hang out too long. Once Chris actually started getting out the frames we shooed away the cat and chickens.
The good dog got to stay longer

But not too long
It only took a bit of buzzing to drive both me and the dog far away. Soon more pictures of the transfer. Chris reports the all went in just fine and we’ll give them a few days to establish as home. It’s great to have bees again!

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