Sunday, January 21, 2018

What the game camera caught

12:30 in the afternoon on a gorgeously clear and cold day (January 15th; 15F). 

Isn't he beautiful?
We cropped in and centered just a bit and it's a great picture of him. Unfortunately it was also the only picture of him despite the short reshoot setting on the camera. He must have heard the camera shutter and scooted off before another shot could be made. We've had a heck of a time capturing the coyotes on camera as they're so wary and quick to take off. 


  1. I have about 14 trail cameras out, and find the same thing with the coyotes. A very wary animal! Rare though, the daytime shots! He is indeed, beautiful!

    1. 14! Cool. We move our camera around the property every so often but have found this one spot to be best for capturing shots. It's a convergence of several old skidder trails and the animals seem to like the meadow.