Saturday, January 13, 2018

January Thaw

Hooray! The January thaw hit on Thursday. We still had a foot of snow on the ground and the subzero temperatures of the past month (yes, December felt like February this year) had dried out most of the moisture. Couldn't even make snowballs for Cooper.

Thursday was warm though with a temp of 46F and we started to see some melt-off. The solar water panels started to clear though the solar PV stayed covered. Amazing how the snow clings to those.

Friday was even better - we hit 57F and things really started melting. The PV cleared off, the snow level dropped to 6 inches, and I walked Cooper while wearing a short sleeve shirt. So weird. Unfortunately it also rained like crazy - great for clearing the driveway (we can see gravel now) but disappointing for enjoying the temperature. We did get to open some windows to air out the place and  it made it easy to build the walls in the bathroom since we could leave the bridge door open. That's where we've got the miter saw set up and we got to easily carry boards in and out for trimming.

The temp this morning? 24F and ice raining. *sigh*

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