Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oh! Those wonderful strawberries!

Chris and I went strawberry picking today at a local you-pick farm. Rows of strawberries as far as the eye could see. We got there early and, as it was a Tuesday morning, had very little picking competition. The farm was not a "destination" you-pick like many apple orchards have become so there weren't any play grounds or wagon rides or malarkey like that. Instead there was a nice young woman at the weighing station who directed us to the "good rows". It only took us 15 minutes to pick six quarts of berries - that's how wonderfully abundant and ripe they were.

This afternoon I made up a large batch of freezer strawberry jam, reserved a pint for homemade strawberry ice cream, and froze two batches of sugared strawberries for use in future shortcakes (a new preservation technique for me as I usually only make shortcake with fresh berries). Oh, and I ate way more berries out-of-hand than I probably should have.

I doubt the season will last much longer as it's quickly getting hot around here - up to 86 today with lots of sun. A thunderstorm tonight has cooled things off nicely. And the garden appreciated the rain.

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