Friday, July 18, 2014

Another closet update

The upstairs closet is nearly finished. It was time to select drawer hardware - and Chris thought it would be nifty to use tree branches as pulls. He wandered around the property and found interesting shaped branches then used his spoke shave to peel the bark and gently shape them.

Peeling bark
It was fun picking the branches. He wanted ones that had an interesting shape, good strength, nice grain, and length sufficient to shape and fit into the holders that he made.

Removing a branch nub
Since we recently logged part of the property he had plenty of raw material that he could use. Cooper, of course, went with him to help.
Random Cooper picture
Once they were all shaped I brought them to the Bridge to be finished. That's a great space for this since it's still unfinished itself - no worries about dripping stain. Chris improvised a staining stand by drilling appropriate holes in a piece of scrap lumber. Made it really easy to apply the stain and they could dry without getting splotchy.

All the branches in a row
Once they're fully dry we'll custom fit them to each drawer. And then it's time to fill the closet! Let's hear it for finally seeing my wardrobe again!

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