Saturday, March 15, 2014

El Mexicano restaurant review

It's funny how you get in a restaurant rut - even if it's a tasty rut - when you live someplace long enough. Now that we've relocated, we're exploring the area all over again and finding new restaurants to try.

I've decided I'm going to start tracking and reviewing the restaurants that we try. First up is a Mexican restaurant in Saratoga.

El Mexicano on Broadway. We tried it for lunch on a snowy Friday and arrived just before noon. It was empty at first but soon started to fill up with a lunch crowd.

The tortilla chips were typical but the salsa was great. Full of flavor not just heat (although it was very hot). And the waiter brought a couple 4-inch cheese quesadillas (on the house) as an appetite teaser while we studied the menu. Nice! I had chillaquiles - fried tortilla strips covered with shredded chicken, cheese, and red sauce; baked in a small casserole so it stays hot. Wonderful! Needed some heat (nothing is spicy unless you ask) so I used some of the salsa on it. That did it. Chris had a combo plate of chicken enchilada and beef chimichanga. Again, wonderful! The chimi was small but absolutely stuffed full of tender slow-cooked beef flavored with onion, tomato and peppers. And the enchilada was great. Matter of fact, we didn't even need sour cream! The refried beans were rather generic as was the rice.

I had a margarita and it was tart and nicely mixed. Chris had coffee.

At the end of the meal the waiter dropped off dessert: a couple 4-inch tortillas stuffed with banana and deep fried, lightly covered in a cinnamon sauce and whipped cream - again on the house.

The meal came to $26 after tip and we'll definitely go back.


  1. We like it there as well - pretty good food. I like the little banana treat at the end. :) Leon's on Crescent is good Mexican food too - love the fajitas!

  2. We took my brother and sister-in-law to Leon's for their 50th birthday dinner (they were both born in the same month & year). Had a really good time and the waitstaff was great fun. Any other local suggestions?