Monday, December 16, 2013

Skidder Hiking trails

We've been working on turning the logging skidder trails into hiking paths. For those not familiar with logging lingo, a skidder is a honking-big machine that drags entire trees from deep in the woods out to the area where they are limbed and sawn into transportable logs. They leave large swaths of destruction in their wake - or as I like to think of it, they leave wide corridors to be turned into hiking trails. 

Skidder remains
The trails that were cut are wide, covered in branches, and generally messy. Our logger was a good one though; his trails weren't rutted like many I've seen.

Corridor with debris
Cooper thinks the whole process is pretty cool. And she loves going on morning walks as we clean up the trails.
Cooper the wonder dog
 Okay, just because I think she's adorable, here's another totally unnecessary picture of her.
We've been carrying loppers with us and trimming small saplings, stray branches, and various tripping hazards for the last several weeks. The trails are starting to look more settled and we'll be able to traverse them pretty easily with snowshoes.
Nice wide trail
The whole family is looking forward to more hikes!

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