Sunday, December 15, 2013

First major snowfall

We got our first major snowfall over the weekend and it gave us the opportunity to try out the trails. 

I am wearing snowshoes. Honest.
Cooper wasn't sure of this whole snow thing at first.

Cold. Wet. Cold.
 But she soon got into the spirit of it.

She even decided to get out in front for a while.

Breaking trail. Look at her ears! Mid-leap!
Eventually she decided it was easier to let us go first though.

The trail is still under construction but we have a few good routes started. One is around to the bat house. We installed this bat house when we first bought the property 5 years ago.

The bat house trail
No bat has ever lived here. But it's a handy landmark and the trail loops around it.

It's easy to forget each year just how hard it is to break trail. By the end of the hike we were stripping off layers.

The return loop
The dog pooped out about half way around and poor Chris added 20 pounds to his hike when he had to carry her. Fortunately by the time we looped back around to the original trail she was ready to walk again.
Heading home
Much easier to finish on the broken part. Now we just have to keep walking it to keep it (and us) in shape.

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