Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gloomy out (admittedly, this was written several days ago)

It's overcast and gloomy outside. The solar hot water system hasn't run in about a week, but the Christmas lights are bright spots of happiness.

The dog is discovering snow for the first time. We've got about an inch of thick, wet snow and she thinks it's awesome. The cold though? Not so much. We've had some long discussions about having to go outside in the morning to do her business. So far she'd rather just hold it, and hold it, and hold it. Since I know she'll eventually not be able to hold it, this has necessitated me donning coat, hat, gloves, and boots over my flannel PJs and taking her out to walk around. She's willing to go out as long as we both have to suffer.

We're making progress on turning the skidder trails into hiking trails. We've been identifying landmarks and mapping trails (Bean's Corner, The Bat House, Weird Seat Tree). I'm going to start making signs and painting can lids for trail markers. We also need to start bringing the loppers with us when we walk. The logger created some big trails but we need to do cleanup on saplings and branches that infringe on the trail.

I'm finishing up the drywall mud around the bathroom and pantry door frames while Chris works on building the cupboard that will fill the space between them. It was originally going to be a 4-foot wide closet but we decided to make it more furniture-like. I'll post pictures as the building process unfolds - we're still in the final planning stages right now.

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