Saturday, November 16, 2013

Railings, lights, and other necessary stuff

We've been pushing to get a bunch of necessary stuff done before the weather gets too bad. The final electric needed to be finished, railings and guard rails had to be installed, and the porch needed yet another reorganization so we could fit the car in the car port. Eventually the porch will be completely clear and oh! how I long for that day. Spring expectations are high.

The electrical work was to be done by our wonderful electrician so we thought we'd be able to work on other things while he finished installing lights, outlets and switches, and one outdoor fan. Unfortunately the lights we bought didn't fully cover the standard fixture mount and Chris had to drill out and chisel boards for all of the exterior wall lights. All while trying not to slow down our electrician. Took two days but it all got done.

Then we started on railings. I wanted to use hog panels like these but the gap in the upper segments was greater than 4 inches - a code no-no. So instead we bought Sheep panels - their gaps are just under 4 inches and square as opposed to rectangular. I was nervous that I wouldn't like the look as much but they pretty much disappear from sight. 
Nearly invisible sheep panel
We put them up temporarily just so we wouldn't have a drop off the Bridge anymore. Plus I wanted to see how they looked and functioned before we pretty them up next Spring (again with the expectations).
Not pretty but safe
We also put up a stairwell banister and a section of panel at the stair landing. The banister is galvanized metal and I'll need to paint it black when weather permits (Spring!). 

Installing the railing
The sheep panel at the landing is also temporary. Again I want to live with it for a bit so I can decide what design changes to make. This may end up becoming a half wall with bookshelf instead of an open panel. Not sure yet. 
We didn't even bother snipping it to fit.
But that's the beauty of doing stuff yourself - you can try it out and see what you like before committing.

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