Thursday, November 21, 2013

Another door installed

We put up the bathroom barn door in September (see this post) but put other things ahead of installing the matching pantry door. Well it was finally time to get it done. And it's amazing how much easier it is installing the second of anything. We'd already learned all the weirdness and got it done in about an hour. Nice!

Bath door on left, pantry door jam on right. Ignore the door against the wall - that's actually to be used upstairs.
Chris trimmed the door, installed the hanger hardware, and drilled the wall pilot holes.

Drilling the door
Then we slid the door on the rail and screwed the rail hangers to the wall.


Some really neat features of these doors: they're out of the Albany county courthouse, are solid oak, and weigh about 75 pounds each; we sorted through about 20 doors to find two we liked; the bathroom door says "Private", the pantry door says "Director of Finance", and they are numbered 103 and 104. Totally a coincidence as they weren't stacked next to each other and we didn't even notice the numbering (it's very faded) until someone pointed it out to us.

I love serendipitous stuff like that!

The area between the two doors will be a closet cupboard so about four inches of door and the entire back portion of the rail will be hidden. So the doors will look sort of like pocket doors once the closet is built.

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